Garters Reloaded

So, I know we already talked about Garters. But what’s more enticing than garters (I know quite a few things). Although I talked about them last week, I explored the functional benefits as they pertain to most outfits and their efficiency, but the thing about garters isn’t just their efficiency for everyday outfits. Today I present you, Garters reloaded were we explore more seductive uses for our stringy friends.

They also add a certain appeal to lingerie sets. I always advice owning at least two garters, one in red and one in black. That way it makes for easy matching to most Corsets and thongs. Remember red and black are great bold and middle ground colors for blending most lingeries into a set. The exciting thing about them is that they can be used to blend in lingerie that isn’t officially designed to be worn together, helping attach two separate pieces to make a fully supported set. Think of them as the unofficial cleanups for factory support.

Garters also contribute to the general “look” that is often desired when venturing into seduction. Making for a sexy, confident and often classy feel to your lingerie set. Next time you pick a new corset, or teddy, or baby doll, try and pair them with some garters, (these do not have to be attached to actual socks). The look will be unmistakably sensual.

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