fun ways to amp up your lingerie and fashion game.

For many people, lingerie is simply underwear. But I’m here to tell you that lingerie can be an extension of self. A confidence booster, and a fashion statement. Not all lingerie is kept in the dark, beneath clothes and never to be seen by anyone.
Here are some fun ways to amp up your lingerie and fashion game.
Try on a Bralette with lace coating over a pair of loose pants and a matching jacket. I particularly love this outfit with patterned suits, because it’s rare you get to mix lace and patterns. If you’re going for a less formal look, swap out your pants for a pair of jeans or cargo pants.
Another great combo I love is body suits and shorts. Okay, listen. Sounds weird right? The fun thing about bodysuits is unlike tops they don’t wrinkle at the waist and spoil your look. So, when you wear shorts over them you look as fit and comfortable on the outside as you feel. A new trend is getting a cup lined bodysuit, these are great for outlining the cleavage area.
Corsets are perhaps one of my great obsessions, mainly because they do so well in the accentuating department. From the breast to the waist and the hip area corset singe the things we’d rather hide while exposing those we want on full display. Try a peplum corset over a pair of skinny jeans for a fun seductive look.
Those are three easy ways to turn your lingerie into fashion statements.

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