Buying Your Partner Lingerie; easier than you think!

So, you had an idea. One you believe is pretty damn good. However, you have stewed on it for so long it is starting to seem like an awful idea with many ways it can go wrong. Fast forward to the present, you are scrolling down this article and hoping to the stars that maybe it wasn’t such a horrid idea, and you can find some cool tips to help make sure it is implemented properly.

Truth is buying lingerie can be intimidating, buying it for a partner can be downright scary due to all the odds involved. The good thing for you is I have done all the research. Whether you choose to brave the daunting situation of buying lingerie in Canada in a physical store or taking the easy way out by buying lingerie online in Canada I have got some helpful tips that will make this a less frightening experience.

Sizing. Figuring out their size. If you are in a relationship with someone whose lingerie size is too intimidating to get, the odds are you are likely not at a stage where lingerie buying is a good idea. Now, there are many reasons why you may choose not to as, for one, it may be a surprise. Or you are shy by personality. If you are any of the two reasons above here are some fun tips. Try a simple sneak peek at sizing when they have dozed off after sex. If that sounds a little scary and the odds do not look in your favor, go for lingerie that is sold in range, XS-XXL sizes. These are usually easier to pinpoint by guessing. And will likely also come up in random conversation, i.e., “I wanted a large, but they only had mediums.” Etc.

Go for accessories. If you are unsure of what their style or how preference is, try buying an accessory first, socks, bralettes, or coats are fun ways to test out what they like in general.

Think of the things that turn them on. another great way to figure out what they’ll like is to think of the things that turn them on, phrases, actions, and their existing fetishes. Someone who enjoys light bondage may not want a punishment tool but may enjoy ropes, cuffs, or leather lingerie.

Remember you are shopping for them and not you. We are often tempted to splurge on what we think will look good or what turns us on, at the risk of not engaging our partners’ preference. Think of the colors they wear, their existing lingerie, and the materials they tend to be more comfortable in. You will likely find their preference there.

Ask them; but with style. For those of you who are looking to surprise your partners consider going through catalogs or listening to their preference when discussing styles they view on popular media. This is a great hint at what they would personally like. Good luck!

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