Are Garters really Worth It

Garters can be defined as a band worn to hold up stockings or socks, they can also be used to hold down shirt sleeves. But today the Garters we are interested in are the band, or in some cases strap that hangs on the waist to support a corset or socks. They are basically the Leonardo DiCaprio of all lingerie, amazing but sorely unrewarded. So, I’m here to shed some new found light on them.

So, what can we really do with this band or strap? Well efficiency wise, these bad boys are great for keeping you looking professional and trendy at all times. For shorter and curvy people like myself, things like socks and skirts are never really a perfect fit because its either too small for my curves, or more often than not, too long for my height.

In this case, Garters make for perfect styling companions. All you have to do is attach them to your band and watch as your socks and skirts stop rolling down. Amazing right?  They are the perfect bridge in the lake of styling helping you look as awesome as your taller counterparts. Another fun little thing they do is help make for a great confidence booster. Because you ‘rent spending as much time concentrating on adjusting your outfit to look as stylish as you planned in your head, you are able to feel comfortable in your body and outfit!

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