Undertones, secret to self love.

The art of knowing what you love, and what loves you is definitely one worth learning. For example, I happen to love the color yellow, but most shades of the sunflower paste drown me, and not in a cute I may drown in a pool way. Nope. Even worse, makes me look like I am as wide as the cloth I am wearing. Horrid right? (I jest). But, really not the most pleasant feeling.

So, how do we know ways to avoid taking things that don’t love us back? Well, hopefully, I can help with that.

Undertones. undertones are so important. They do for us, what we cannot do for them, and its only right that we honor this help by not picking out the wrong shades, of makeup, and in this case clothing. There are three basic undertones; warm, cool and neutral. For the sake of today’s tip, I’m going to break the neutral into two, warm neutral, and cool neutral. (it is important to know that it can be expanded to so much more)

How do we tell what our undertones are? The easiest trick is the color of the veins beneath your palm. It’s that simple if your veins are more green, then you likely have a warmer tone, if your veins are blue, you have a cooler tone. Now there are those of us with a variety of neutral, this simply means our veins are a decent mix of both colors. However if you notice more green I would categorize you as warm neutral, and if you tone bluer, a cool neutral.

Warm ones are suited for colors like peach, rose, cream, and lighter shades of bright colors like orange or yellow.

Cool tones go well with most shades of red, blue, teal and other deep shades.

Warm neutrals go amazing with peach, pastel, and cream colors. Brown is always an excellent addition. They also go great with colors that blend well with warmly toned individuals.

Cool Neutrals like the warm variation, cool neutrals go well with peach, cream and pastel variations of cool tone suitable colors.

Fun color for everyone? Purple! Purple is the friend of all skin tones. Happy shopping!

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