To Match or not to Match

To match or not to match? The fundamental question of our universe comes down to this question. When buying lingerie, do you match or not. Well, I can definitely tell you that you should always. Yes, always match. Matching underwear doesn’t only let your partner know you mean business but offers a level of confidence when staring in the mirror.
Now that we know matching is a must, it is important to note that what we classify as matching is a whole other ball game. You see, as great and convenient as getting lingerie sets all the time would be, that’s just an expense most of us can’t afford. So, here are a few things to consider when trying to match your lingerie.

Patterns. Your patterns are the basis of every outfit and that includes lingerie. Wearing kinky lingerie with stripes means we do not and should never see any animal print. And vice versa. Also, stripe direction can offer a semblance of organization. So, if you got a top and bottom that are stripped in the same direction, they can work as a perfect pair! That way, you are able to mismatch as many as you’d like, without it coming off as clunky or wrong.

Colors. Can never be underestimated. Colors like black and white blend seamlessly with others. Bolder colors like red and pink, not so much. This doesn’t mean you should avoid the latter like the plague. Colors like that go great as panties as opposed to bras that tend to take center stage. So, keep this in mind when you buy lingerie next.

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