The Student Professor Fantasy

It is common for women to fantasize about their professors. They are smart, sophisticated and often older man whose brains and authority can be a big turn on.

There are many ways you can live out a student professor fantasy in sexy role play, but here is one scenario we like.

The student just received their progress report and found out that she is receiving a failing grade. Desperate for a better score, she offers to do anything, yes, anything, if her professor bumps up her grade. The professor might be reluctant at first, but after a while he is unable to resist his student’s seductive charm.

This fantasy can be even more erotic if you pretend that you are doing it in the professor’s office or right in the classroom. The possibility that someone might hear you or that you might get caught can increase the sexy quotient quite significantly.

Another way to make this fantasy even sexier is if the woman dresses up in seductive schoolgirl lingerie. This look has been a favorite with men everywhere for years.

With these types of sexual role playing character ideas, role switching is also a possibility. It doesn’t have to be the woman who is the student. The man can be the student and the woman can be the stern professor who eventually succumbs to his charms.

The student professor role playing scenario is one that can be played around with in countless ways but it’s always quite sexy and alluring. How will you be using it to live out your fantasies tonight?

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