3 ways to style a teddy.

Many people love the idea of teddys, they are cute, chic, and all you need to spice up a night. They also tend to come in a suitable size range, meaning no one gets left out of a fun night. However, another thing they tend to come with is a hefty price tag. And although, I am a big fan of them I would never want to encourage anyone to spend money they don’t feel secure about.

So, I have come up with three different fun styles that work great with teddys, showing off the versatility of your purchase!

First style; business savvy, pair your favorite nude or monochrome colored teddy with simple high-waisted trousers, and a matching colored coat. Pair this with simple boots, or stilettos for a classic chic look. Whys: regardless of how revealing your teddy is in the midriff the high waistband conceals the look, allowing you to remain professionally attired.

Second Style; girls’ night, If you’re looking for a quick outfit change, take off your jacket and swap out those trousers for some high waist shorts or mini skirt. This look can be paired with any shoes, but I always recommend comfortable stilettos. Feel free to pair this look with a jean jacket for comfort. Why’s: high waist shorts/miniskirts help define the curve of the body. Pro-tip: add some bold lipstick to your look, you’ll be a crowd favorite!

Third Style; Seduction, Strip down. Yup, that’s it. get rid of those undergarments and watch as the temperature in the room rises, your partner will appreciate it. Pro tip: leave on the heels, nothing says sexy time like a sexy pair of heels.

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